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                                         Movie Clips



                                                                 The Bear  -  Click Here!      

                                                       No Panties At Rave  -  Click Here!                             

                                                  Suburban Trunk Monkey  -  Click Here!

                                                       Chris Rock Police  -  Click Here!

                                                        The Today Show  -  Click Here!

                                                           Busty Rachel  -  Click Here!


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                                                             PowerPoint Clips

                                                                 AAA Fun  -  Click Here!

                                                                 Bra Sizes  -  Click Here!

                                                                 Brazileria  -  Click Here!

                                                              House Party  -  Click Here!

                                                         Your Vote Counts  -  Click Here!

                                                        Bionda Imagination  -  Click Here!

                                                     Another Show Stopper  -  Click Here!

                                                      Message From Boeing  -  Click Here!

                                                        Aliens Have Landed  -  Click Here!






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